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Spa Prunifolia

The Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA

Segerberg Spa Consulting case study - Spa Prunifolia

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The assignment was to create a new spa, from theme and concept to opening, that complements the leisure pleasures of this legendary Georgia mountain resort.

Following a review of the initial design drawings, modifications and revisions were made to improve space usage and flow throughout the treatment and guest areas, enhance guest comforts and create a more compelling spa experience.

After an in-depth study of the Callaway family philosophy and their generations of nature preservation, the plumleaf azalea, or Prunifolia–a rare, brilliantly hued variety saved from extinction by the Callaways–was the inspiration and cornerstone for the spa’s theme.

The spa decor, menus and activities were shaped to create a garden oasis of serenity, learning experiences and inspiration. Of special note was the creation of the unique opportunity for guests to spend time in the Resort’s gardens and woodlands learning about the local flora, then to retire to the Spa to enjoy signature treatments that use many of the herbs and botanicals they had discovered on their outing.

Spa Prunifolia - Segerberg Spa Consulting project case study