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Inn Spa

Watercolor Inn, Seagrove Beach, FL

Segerberg Spa Consulting case study - Watercolor Inn Spa

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A compact space (1,500 sq. ft.) added challenge in creating a new spa for this prized, oceanside vacation destination. Inspired by the Watercolor logo with its peaceful brush strokes of nature, the theme of “The Art of Rejuvenation” was created with its interpretations flowing throughout the intimate spa spaces.

The decor of the Spa continues the casual warmth of the Inn’s beach house feel where three treatment rooms offer a variety of signature treatments and therapies.

With management desiring to offer guest pedicures and manicures, and with a space at a premium, innovative problem-solving was required: pedicures are performed in a unique, zero-gravity lounge with copper soaking tubes that side-stepped the need for additional plumbing; and manicures are offered in waiting area which adds to relaxed, social feel of the space.

While small, the Inn Spa delivers a fully-formed, highly indulgent experience that nourishes the body and mind with an expansive array of services.

Watercolor Inn Spa - Segerberg Spa Consulting project portfolio