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Skana Spa

The Lodge at Turning Stone, Verona, NY

Segerberg Spa Consulting case study - Skana Spa

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The exciting, challenging assignment required the creation of a spa aligned with the guest expectations at this Five-Star caliber resort while celebrating the heritage of the Oneida People by incorporating elements of their rich American Indian traditions and rituals.

Extensive studies of the Oneida history and culture were the basis for the spa’s design centered around the Oneida belief in harmony with nature and with one’s self. (Skana is the Oneida word for harmony.)

Luxurious and welcoming facilities were designed with architectural features inspired by Oneida ancestral structures: The large welcoming area, reminiscent of the Longhouse, with its firepit and ceiling of sticks; men’s and women’s whirlpools in the shape of a leaf (nature and plants are integral parts of the Oneida culture); invigorating “Balancing Water Rituals” reflecting the Onedia belief in the life forces of water; traditional spaces adorned with Oneida and Native American artwork; and large, back-lighted dreamcatchers in each of the treatment rooms.

Services provided were comprehensive, from creation of treatments and menus staffing services and opening events.

Skana Spa - Segerberg Spa Consulting project case study