Segerberg spa consulting - Design, planning, management
Segerberg spa consulting - full-service, independent spa design, planning and management consulting

SSC: A Powerful Partner at Any Point in the Life of a Spa

As an independent consulting firm, SSC brings innovative thinking, imaginative designs and astute problem-solving to any point in a spa’s development and evolution.


New Operations: SSC works intimately with ownership and the project’s design team to ensure a fresh approach to design and consistency along with the property’s brand strategies. SSC is deeply experienced in the spectrum of tasks associated with complex, multi-disciplined projects–from concept design through opening and management assistance.


Specialized Projects: SSC is equally skilled and experienced with smaller, singular projects where innovative spa design thinking is critical.


Renovations and Improvements: Where spa facilities exist that need rethinking and refreshing, SSC shines in developing the physical upgrades and/or operational enhancements that reenergize the facility.

The Union of Aesthetics and Economics
SSC practices its belief that a successful spa not only has an innovative concept, compelling design and market-sensitive programs, is must also have bottom line success. We measure the success of our projects not only by how they look, but also by how well they perform financially.

Creating successful spas is not merely our strength, it is our mission and our passion.
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